Hello, my name is Fawwaz, Nice to meet you !

I hold bachelor degree from Institut Teknologi Bandung majoring in Computer Science and completed master degree from the same university in 2016. I am interested in Artificial Intelligence especially in Natural Language Processing. My final year project on extracting event information from Twitter account was supervised by Dr. Masayu Leylia Khodra and it was developed further to be my master thesis under Dr. Eng. Ayu Purwarianti's guidance. From mid 2015 to early 2016, I was a teaching assistant on Machine Learning course in Graphic and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. I involved in expert-enriched News research from last 2015 to early 2016 and helped United Nations Global Pulse Lab to construct a corpus for translating english language into 6 local language by implementing their crowdsourced translation tools.

Besides my academic activities, I also put a special interest on Interaction Design. I learned Human Centered Design from Labtek Indie and applied Design Thinking principles for my several micro projects. I also involved as a volunteer in Design Action BDG, an annual event held by Bandung Creative City forum to address some thematic issues in Bandung.

My dream is building a creative makerspace in bandung for inter-disciplinary background. In a nutshell, i am very interested in Research and Development activities. You can read detailed information about my experience below.

Interaction Design

Key words: Interaction Design, Human Computer Interaction, Human Centered Design, User Experience, Design Thinking, Rapid Prototyping.

gesture interaction games

Box War

Box war is an interactive game using Myo ArmBand to detect player movement. The gameplay works like cat vs dog game,but it uses natural interaction. It means player can really throw something to the other player and the game will sychronize with the hand movement. This game was created together with Ted Kesgar,Reza Irvanda , Dyah rahmawatiand Alifa Nurani Putri

Trash Rush - Interactive Game

Trash rush is a game to educate children how to separate organic and inorganic trash. It uses Leap Motion as controller so the player can interact naturally. This game was created together with Ted Kesgar, Dyah Rahmawati and Alifa Nurani Putri

Sapa !

Sapa is integrated gaming platform in public place. It engages interaction for people in public place, in response to the high stress level among urban dweller and commuters in big cities. The gamw was created together with Anindya Paramaarti using libGdX Framework.


Alika is a system designed to build awareness on public space for smoker. Alika is created to keep children safe from being a passive smoker. Alika was created together with Jamika Nasaputra


Cherri is a smart baby crib integrated with monitoring system so modern mom can keep in touch with theri babies while working. This working prototype was developed as proof of concept together with Winnie Andam Dewi using raspberry pi

Corrupter (Concept)

Corrupter is Fighting game against popular Indonesian corruptor to educate anti-corruption course for children. This game was sent for Compfest 2014 and expected to use Intel Real Sense technology. Unfortunately, due to customs issue, the game remains as a concept.

Augmented Reality-Based Audio guide

this project was designed to increase user experience in Museum Konferensi Asia Afrika Bandung. It adds and audio explaining relevant information once it scans certain signature in the museum. This project was done together with Muhammad Hanif Wicaksana using OpenFrameworks and Raspberry Pi.

Software Development

Key words: React, Redux, Sofware Engineering, Software Development, Laravel, AngularJS, Javascript, BootStrap, Firebase, Android.

Unofficial Nebengers Web

Every week, whenever I want to go back to my home in Bandung, I always use Nebengers App. Because my phone battery draining fast, I thought it gonna better for me to create Unofficial Nebengers Web App so I can access it without using my phone. You can find my live Unofficial Nebengers web app in : http://web-nebengers.herokuapp.com. It is made using React.

2 in 1 supermarket

Actually I made this app for helping Dian Anindya's final year project. The app scan predefined barcode and it synchronize it's data to supermarket server. The Idea is to built basketless supermarket so the customer will feel Amazon-go-like experience. You can watch fully working app in https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oKaru161QLA. It is made by React Native.

Ruang Simpul

Ruang simpul is a prototype of a digital hub for student explaining actual campus based event. Ruangsimpul brings insight about what happening right now. This prototype is built using AngularJS.

NFC-Based Security Guard Monitoring system

This project is about making a monitoring dashboard for Security Officer to view real-time status of protected building. It replaces older system which require every security guard to report current status of the protected building manually. This system was created together with Elian Daiva, M Hanif Wicaksono and Izzan Bacharudi Soedarsono using AngularJS and Firebase.

Kadriana App

Kadriana App(currently Prelo.id) is an woman-focused e-commerce to sell secondhand product. The app was a protoype built over Native Java code, developed together with Pandu Kartika Putra


Artificial Intelligence

Key words : Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Data Visualization, Open Data, Data Science, Data Engineering.

Automatic Event Extraction

Automatic Event Extraction is a system that extract event information (event name, time and location) from several twitter accounts without human intervention using Condtional Random Field. It can be applied for event-related websites such as jktgo.com or goersapp.com

ITB Parking Data Visualization

This visualization shows the opinion of ITB students related to parking services after new parking rate policies was applied in 1 Sept 2016. The detailed information about student's opinion can be viewed in http://fawwaz.github.io/ParkirITB

Simple Character Detector

Simple character Detector identify the edge of image representation for car license plate. It uses naive approach to detect its edge.